Our Product Range:

  1. Screws:


All Types of Machine Screws in regular standards and as per Customer drawings, All types of Self Tapping Screw, Bottom Cut Screws (BT Type).

  • Metals Type: Non-Ferrous, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Screws.
  • Size: M2 to M6, 1/8 to 1/4, 8BA to 0BA & Total Length: 2 mm to 75 mm, Thread length : 3.5 – 50mm
  • Various Heads: Pan Head, Socket Button Head, Torx Head, Phillips/Recess Heads, Slotted Cheese Heads, Flange Heads, Hex Flange Heads, Hex Heads, Raised Heads, CSK Heads, Round Heads, Combination Heads, Pozi Heads, Allen Heads, Screws with assembled washers (Sems Screws) etc.
  • Screws End Types: Chamfer, Pinch, Cone, Step, Degree, Straight and Dome shaped end in the Bottom as per the customers drawing and requirement.
  1. Solid Rivets & Semi Tubular Rivets:
  • Metals: MS, SS, Aluminium, Copper and others as per requirement.
  • Size: Shank Diameter 1.50 – 8.00mm dia  & Length: 5mm to 150 mm.


  1. Straight Pins (Headless) in 90 Degree cutting: We make Straight Pins in MS & SS metals as per customer requirments from 1mm to 6mm dia and length upto 75mm.


  1. MS, Hi-Tensile & SS Hex Bolts: Hex Bolts in 4.6, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 grades 
  • Size: M6 to M20, Length: 10 mm to 150 mm (3/8″ to 6″)
  • Finish: Zinc, Black, Hot Dip

  1. All types of MS & SS Washers: All sizes of Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Star Washers, Disc Washer, Counter Sunk Washers, Wave Washers etc
  2. All types of MS & SS Nuts: All sizes of Hex Nuts, Dome Nuts, Nylock Nuts, Wing Nuts, Flange Nuts, Square Nuts.
  3. Turned Parts